Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don't Move - Rearrange!

Growing up I changed schools 22 times because we moved a lot, for various reasons. The longest I had ever lived in one house was from the summer of 1982 until March of 1986, so 3 years, 9 months. (I still changed schools each year, though for different reasons.) Then the first apartment I shared with my husband (then fiance) lasted 2 years, 9 months. A move to Florida and back brought us to another apartment that lasted another 2 years, 9 months. But now we have lived in our first house for 5 years and 4 months. To me, that's forever in the same place. Since we have to stay here until we pay down our debts, what do we do when I get that feeling to move?

We rearrange rooms in the house. We've done this a few times already, but I believe this was the last time. We tore out the carpet and installed laminate wood floors in the smallest room of the house, which used to be my office, and turned it into our bedroom. Then we moved my husband's office into our old bedroom. Then we had to re-paint his old office before moving my office into it. (The three girls still share the largest room of the house which was intended as a living room when the old owners built it. There are French doors that separate that section of the house from the rest.)

And just rearranging rooms like this gives a whole new feeling to the house. Now, if this can last the three years it will take us to pay off debts and save up for a down payment, I will be extremely happy! And we have discovered that we feel cozier in a smaller bedroom as long as we have separate offices. All you need in a bedroom is a bed and a bookshelf (or dresser, but since the girls' room is a living room, it has no closet, so their closet is in our bedroom, my husband's clothes are in his office closet, and my clothes are in my office closet and since my closet clothes were there, my dresser is also in my office ). Sounds strange, but this house is not laid out in the best way, so we make do the best we can.

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Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be. Been a while but I am back. I enjoyed this post. I know what you mean. I recently took the front bedroom of our house and turned it into my office. I had all the carpet taken out and installed a hard wood floor, wall paneling, and new lights. Bookcases hold all my books on Pagaism and Wicca, and two china cabinets hold my ritual tools.
The room is just large enough to place a small dining room table and 4 chairs. Here I do all my pschic readings with the Tarot, crystalball, scrying, and palm readings.
Also, there is a small 'breakfast nook' I guess you call it, that sits right off from the kitchen. I cleaned it out, and decorated it with an Oriental type theme, covered the walls with 'wood panel' type wall paper, and hung a lot of different types of Oriental decorations. That is my den. I also hung 2 different kinds of drapes up there to seperate it from the living room. One set is basic black, and the other set is a pretty burgundy and cream print that matches our living room furnishings. It looks quite nice.

I have a sofa and coffee table in there, and 2 end tables, a lamp, clock, just the basics. And my desk is in there for my typewriter.

By the way, I finished my first book that I was writing. I have not sent it off yet, though. I am starting another one, though. This one is a non-fiction book about my Wiccan Tradition, which will include my personal Book of Shadows.

Hope you have a great weekend and a safe Easter holiday.