Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Distraction

As if I didn't have enough things distracting me from writing and menu planning, I just joined Facebook about two weeks ago. Oh my goodness, that place is addictive! I've been on MySpace for years, but hardly did anything with it. Now it's just a place where I befriend new authors and a few new bands. But Facebook is where all the friends hang out. I uploaded about 3 dozen photos on Facebook from my high school days and tagged a bunch of friends - I loved the reaction of the friends when they saw themselves!

What's really amazing is noticing how people have changed and matured over the years. I mean as teenagers few of us had recognized our core beliefs yet. It's intriguing how some people have taken a completely different route from what you expected. Of course I'm sure people have looked at my info and gone, Really? And then there are the people who seemed not to have changed at all, for good or bad. Very interesting.

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