Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colorful trees, the crisp air, the wind blowing those red and golden leaves through the air, the quietness from lack of noisy bugs, and the smell of bonfires. I love Halloween with jack-o-lanterns and ghosts and witches (real or made-up), and I love the harvest moon, which will appear on my birthday this year.

We currently live out in the country, far from any big city, far from city lights, city noise, and city regulations. I have loved the nature of the country, but have felt very isolated. We are planning on moving back to the city, to be closer to work and places we frequent. Hopefully we will find a house we like in a suburb we like, but to get a house we adore and can afford, we may not get our first pick of towns. I may miss out on getting big trees in my yard. I most likely will not be able to build a bonfire or even a campfire. I may end up with nosey neighbors who will question a backyard shrine.

But hopefully I will get a house better suited to five very independent people. Hopefully I will find a home I can truly call a home. I have never felt at home, not even in this, MY first house. Probably because I knew coming in that this would only be our first house, and not the house we planned on keeping forever. I have lived in so many houses and apartments that I seemed to change houses as often as I changed my wardrobe. I'm still trying to find something that fits just right. Hopefully soon I will find my home and that home will have a view of wonderful autumn colors every year.

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