Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Harmonious Office

When we decided we would take our house off the market and stay here for a few more years, we rearranged all the rooms to put them back the way we like them. I decided to paint two bookcases, one small desk, and a small cabinet that holds my Craft supplies. The bookcases are finished, but I'm letting them dry a few more days before putting books back on them. The cabinet and desk are close to finished. Everything will match now - I'll have an actual design in my space.

The problem with having a disorganized office is that I'm letting my writing sit idle, my tarot studies have ceased, the girls' lessons are not as streamlined as they should be, I'm relying on quick meals instead of trying new, healthier meals, and I haven't exercised. I keep telling myself that as soon as my office is in order all will return to normal, even better than normal. I need my harmonious space to get any real work finished. Hopefully I can get everything in order this weekend.

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